Hi there, random people! We are Nic and Parker, and we hate douchebags. This is the blog to fight the pretentious. We are both 15, and are already fed up by literary, musical and verbal pretentiousness. All of our efforts from this blog are to rid the world of the “elite” (those with the figurative silver spoons up their respective anus’s) . This world is sick and broken, and we have the ability to fight it.  We are trying to build awareness to help those in need of a slap in their douchey face. We will campaign, and if we build enough support, we will be able to make our brand known even further. IMG_20161007_132122

*Disclaimer* This blog is a joke. Obviously we think that if you use big words for no good reason other than to look smart, you are a massive douche. If you are looking for a cause, do not, I repeat, do not begin to follow us. Go to a real cause.